Creative Director Tristan Starr

Tristan got his start as a PA in Hollywood over 10 years ago. After learning from the best, in 2014 he decided to form his own company producing and shooting videos for various clients and individuals. Since then, he's worked on a wide range of projects with varying budgets. Regardless of the size/scope of the project, the end goal for him is always the same: tell the best story possible. When he’s not working Tristan enjoys rocking out with his band and spending time with family.


Lead Editor

Antonio White

Antonio has spend the last 12 years handling all things post-production. His career has included stints working for Vice Media, Tv One, and SSI, to name a few. A firm believer that the editing room is the final step to an amazing story, he works hard to decide which shots make it into the final cut, and which are destined for the editing floor. When he is not waiting for Apple's beach ball of death to stop spinning, he enjoys mixology with friends, getting splinters while woodworking, and the Oxford Comma.